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Located in Historic Fletcher Place
Address: 630 Fletcher Avenue Indianapolis Indiana 46203
PH: 317-631-2775
E-mail: biz-on-fletcher@sbcglobal.net


In 1863 Herman H. Koch purchase this property from John Behrman. The following year he opened his grocery on the site. He operated the store until 1873, when Henry W. Laut and William Poppe started the business of Laut and Poppe, Groceries, provisions, produce & poultry. The partnership lasted until 1879 when Mr. Poppe was no longer associated with the business. Henry W. Laut rented a rear room facing what is now south college to Mr. Kuehman, who operated a stove repair and tin shop. About 1884 due to delinquent payments, the Tin Smith tenant transferred his business to the Grocery & Property owner,Henry W. Laut in 1884.

Soon afterward, Mr. Laut discovered that sheet metal fabrication was more profitable than groceries & in the mid 1880s formed H.W. Laut Company, Tinners. Henry was later joined by his sons Henry Jr  & William F. Laut. The business remained in the family until 1975 when Mr. Laut’s grandsons, Harold W. Laut & Leslie H. Laut retired & sold the business. H.W. Laut Company, Tinners is responsible for the sheet metal fabrications on several Indianapolis landmarks including the Federal Building, the Majestic, Fletcher Place Methodist Church, the Athenaeum & the Circle Theatre, amongst many others.

We owe many thanks to Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana for exterior stabilization.


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